BriZion: Dub and Roots music producer based in San Diego, California (USA) operating from DubStrand Studio. Established in 2004.


Blackheart Warriors 10″ featuring Sista Miko and Brizion
Side A: “Fire and Brimstone” + “Fire Dubwise”
Side B: “Solar Flare Dub Part 1” “Solar Flare Dub Part 2”
DEEP SPACE DUBPLATES (CD and digital release)

DUB SAVANNA (CD and digital release) released October 2014

Defender Dubplates Chapter 5 released August 2014

Defender Dubplates Chapter 4 released July 2014

Defender Dubplates Chapter 3 released June 2014.

Defender Dubplates Chapter 2 released March 2014

Released an album originally produced in 2007, “Reignition of Dub” featuring 9 steppers dub tracks, unreleased for 7 years.

2013: JAH Militant Records 007 released, Brizion “The Wisdom” + Dub on A side, and Brizion “The Positive Vibes” + Dub on the B side. also released new CD albums “Dub Prayer” and “Dub Revelation”.

-2012: Performed live dub station mix set at 3rd annual USA Roots Reggae Dub Expo on Blackheart Warriors HiFi. Spent time making studio upgrades and producing new material.

-2011: Produced tune “Burning Fire” + “Fire Dub” with legendary UK artist Bunnington Judah, and was released on Jah Militant Records (France) executive produced by Weeda. A 12″ 45rpm release features a vocal and dub cut on the A side, and the B side features another Bunnington Judah track produced by Don Fe (Spain).
Performed live dub mixing again at the 2nd annual USA Roots Reggae Dub Expo

-2010: Performed live dub set at the 1st annual USA Roots Reggae Dub Expo in San Diego, California. Produced music for releases on Kris Naphtali’s Postivevibes label, one on dub compilation “In the Garden of Dub” with track ‘Good Over Evil’. Also collaborated with Kris to produce ‘Brizion meets Kris Naphtali’ a benefit release to strengthen the USA Roots Reggae Dub Expo.

-2009: Began performing Live Dub sets on BlackHeart Warriors HiFi sound system, running strictly exclusive dubplates, mixed live in the dance. Produced and mixed dubplates for BlackHeart Warriors HiFi including specials from Earl Zero, Rob Symeonn, Sister Yari, and more. Also produced specials for local sound King Martyr Dub Squad with artists like Edi Fitzroy, Lloyd Hemmings, June, and others. Tracks released by Naffi I, “Fire in the Jungle”, and “Better Days”.

-2008: Produced several dubplates for sounds across Europe. Including Lion Roots, Jah Militant, Guidance HiFi and many more. Released dub albums ‘Sound of Justice Dub’ and ‘Defender Dubplates’ both released on DubStrand compact disc, and sold out copies from local roots record shop/outlet Trade Roots Reggae in San Diego. Also, linked up with Yeshua Dan (Jah Arikitekt Sound), Naffi-I and Ras Muffet to release ‘Dont Give Up’ released as 10″ on Unique Sounds label.

-2007: Linked up with local San Diego roots soundsystem BlackHeart Warriors HiFi, and produced dozens of riddims and dubplates exclusively for the sound.

-2006: Released ‘Serious Times In Dub’ on DubStrand compact disc, a showcase dub album featuring vocalist Honorable Negus from New York City. Also produced albums ‘Tree of Life Dubwize’ and ‘Stand Strong in Babylon Dubwize’ both unreleased until 2012.

-2005: released ‘PB Rootz Dubwize’ a 19 track dub album on DubStrand compact disc, active contributing member of the original riddim community. Gained much inspiration from the original members there.

-2004: began writing original riddims and recording tunes on a 4-track cassette tape (age 17).