jah militant 2013Jah Militant Records 12″ 2011 Bunnington Judah/BriZion “Burning Fire+Fire Dub”

jah militant gloss

Unique Sounds 10″ 2008 Naffi-I “Dont Give Up”

dont give up


“Defender Dubplates” 10 track Dub album released on CD in 2008:

available now for $5 (high-definition download) in the: Record Shop


“Sound of Justice Dub” 12 track Dub album released on CD in 2008

sound of justice

“Serious Times in Dub” featuring Honorable Negus on vocals, released on CD in 2006

serious times

PB Rootz Dubwize the first BriZion album released in 2008 on Compact Disc

pb rootz

BriZion meets Kris Naphtali EP release 2011: click here to purchase

collaboration with fellow U.S. Dub producer Kris Naphtali, released on his

Positive Vibes label, as benefit to raise funds for the USA Rooots Reggae Dub Expo

brizion meets kris


Featured Albums:

Naffi-I “Stand Firm”

stand firm front

BriZion production featured track 3 “Fire in the Jungle”, (Dub previously released

on “Sound of Justice Dub” track 2 entitled “JAH Guide Dub”)

stand firm back

Naffi-I “I LOVE JAH”

strong i love

BriZion production tracks 5 and 6 entitled “Better Days” and “Better Days Dub”

originally produced by BlackHeart Warriors/BriZion exclusive Dubplate



strong i love back

In The Garden of Dub compilation released on Kris Naphtali’s PositiveVibes label


was a great honor to be alongside such Top level producers and artists!




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